ATI Omega Drivers reborn is here
ATI Omega Drivers reborn is here
And of course it is not just INF tweaks.

Last update: AMD Polaris-Vega-Navi Driver 23.9.3 Released

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Key features

WHQL Emulation Signature
Wide-range GPU support
Enhanced Switchable GPU
Works with Kernel Level Anti-Cheats
Radeon Software Customizer
AMD Relive
Tweaked OEM Media Foundation
Amernime Split-Kernel


Add more compatibility for newer apps and stability for your AMD GPUs, especially the old AMD GPUs that has dropped support from AMD Official Drivers. Most of the common bugs that were found in official drivers has been fixed in the NimeZ Drivers.


With community support, our drivers are constantly being tested and improved with tons of feedback. Users can directly contribute in the development of the drivers.


There is no need to worry about security issues. WHQL support is included with the drivers which allows you to use most apps that use DRM protection. Now with WHQL Emulation, make it easier to update windows safely, and even if whql state is NO, you can play online games anytime you want!


This driver includes Various Tweaks that can't just be implemented with registry tweaks. Long-Term Service packages are also included to provide more compatibility while keeping new features inside, we also provide various tweaks to experiment with to improve your system's performance.


Benchmark Validation and DRM Apps Approved

Bench it anytime with NimeZ Drivers, without ruining the validation.
Also, You have freedom to play most games with tough anti-cheats like Vanguard does.

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Download the latest version (includes CCC2 aka Radeon UI below driver links):

Terascale DX11 July Update
For Terascale 2-3 based GPUs
Legacy GCN 23.7.2 Flex
For GCN 1-2-3 based GPUs
Polaris-Vega-Navi 23.9.3***
For Polaris, Vega, Navi 1-2-3 and AMD Ryzen APU
Crimson UI 2019
For Terascale DX11 Drivers
Legacy GCN 23.10 UI
For Legacy GCN Drivers
PVN 23.20 UI
For LATEST PVN Drivers

Beta and Specific Drivers:

AMD PVN-SoC APU 23.9.1*
Beta Drivers for AMD PVN-SoC APU***
Polaris-Vega-Navi 23.9.1 iCafe
iCafe Drivers for PVN**
Polaris-Vega-Navi 23.Q3.RC2
Windows Insider PVN Drivers***

By using Amernime Drivers, you agree to the following terms in this page.

Attention!!! Due to some people downloaded WRONG DRIVER PACKAGES, you must CHECK DEVICE COMPATIBILITY before downloading it!

* : Designed for Steam Deck, RuYi, SuborZ/Fenghuang

** : Need 23.10 Radeon CCC2 UI, Download here

*** : Need 23.20 Radeon CCC2 UI (In 23.9.1, only BETA Kernel aka RX 7700 XT and RX 7800 XT exclusive drivers required to use 23.20 UI), Download here

All the driver packages can be found on Sourceforge

All the changelogs are posted in the Sourceforge Blogs.

Looking for other version?

You can go to the Sourceforge Drivers directory that matches your GPU architecture below.

Terascale DX11 Legacy GCN Polaris - Vega - Navi


Here is the list of devices that are compatible with Amernime Drivers. To speed up searching your GPU type, click one of these GPU Architecture, then use "Find on Page" feature from your browser and type your GPU name.


- Terascale 1 (DX10) uses different drivers compared to Terascale 2-3 (DX11).

- GCN 1-2-3 is the family of Legacy GCN.

- GCN 4-5 is the Polaris, Vega and Ryzen APU with Vega.

- RDNA 1 and Later versions are all under Polaris - Vega - Navi.


Before you install the NimeZ drivers, you first need to clean up your previous drivers installation using DDU.

1. Boot into safe mode, or use normal mode if you have problems with Safe Mode.

2. Open DDU and choose AMD in the drop down menu (open the options menu and make sure everything in the AMD section is ticked (including AMDKMPFD)).

After that, you can follow one of the guides below. The Video Guides will be updated regularly.

For Legacy GCN

Other Guides


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